Task management application ‘Getting Things GNOME!‘ has just pushed a new version out of the stable door, saddling it with all manner of new plug-ins, UI improvements and 99 firmly squashed bugs. Well done guys! This release is the last on the road to the “full-featured” 0.2 release.

Amongst the new features are: –

  • Plugin support
  • 6 plugins shipped with the app – Remember the milk synchronization, hamster integration, bugzilla, geolocation, tomboy, and notification area
  • Better performance
  • Tag group support
  • Much implored editor mode
  • “fuzzy” due dates (“let me pencil that in sometime around never.”)


I’m a GTG! user myself and the thought of RTM sync makes me want to kiss several of the developers. …In an uber-manly fashion, of course.

I would love to see some form of CouchDb/UbuntuOne sync happening in future releases, but for now 0.1.9 has more than enough to satisfy!


You can get the latest update to GTG! by adding the following PPA: –


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