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Audio Tag Editing Features Head to GNOME Music

GNOME Music is a capable music player for the GNOME desktop, but it lacks many of the features that make rival apps like Rhythmbox and Clementine so popular. I might be old school but I still to use […]

19 June 2016

These Are The Best New Features in GNOME 3.18

GNOME 3.18 is out and it’s a release packed full of new features, improvements and rounding off of once rough edges. Work on the release has been on going for the past six months, and the final release […]

23 September 2015
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Music, The GNOME Music Player, Is Getting Smart New Features

Music, the GNOME music player that isn’t Rhythmbox, has been quietly progressing in the past few GNOME releases. The app now has a basic feature set that ticks all the right boxes, e.g. search, smart playlists, etc […]

17 June 2015

Browsing Music By Album Art in Linux Media Apps

I prefer using music players on Linux that let me browse my music by album art. Why? And what apps let me do it? In this post I explain.

2 October 2013

GNOME 3.10 – The 10 Best Features & Changes

GNOME 3.10, the latest version of the popular free and open-source desktop environment, was released earlier today bringing with it new features, apps, bug-fixes and interface enhancements.

25 September 2013

5 GNOME Core Apps: Maps, Music, Photos, Software & Calendar

GNOME's core app project has me excited for the future of the Linux desktop - just take a look at this five and you'll soon see why.

26 August 2013

GNOME’s New Music App Starts to Take Shape

Work on a new music app for the GNOME desktop continues to pick up pace - going from mock-up to music player in less than a month.

22 April 2013