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gnome global menu extension

GNOME Global Menu Extension ‘Discontinued For the Moment’

The developer behind the popular Global App Menu GNOME extension has announced it is “discontinued for the moment”. Explaining the reasons for his decision on Github, Lester Carballo cites the shift to Wayland (the extension doesn’t […]

21 September 2017
gnome global menu extension

A Global Menu Extension for GNOME Shell is in Development

This global menu GNOME Shell extension brings a popular Unity feature to the GNOME desktop, and lets you interact with app menus from the top bar.

19 April 2017
global menu in cinnamon on linux mint

How To Enable Global Menu on Linux Mint/Cinnamon

If you’re using to the global app menu used in the Ubuntu Unity desktop, and want to use something similar in Cinnamon, you can.  A third-party Cinnamon extension called Global AppMenu, currently in beta, provides […]

24 October 2016
The KDE Menu Button

Global Menu Support Is Coming Back to KDE Plasma 5

Global menu support, similar to that offered on the Ubuntu Unity desktop, could be making its way back to the KDE Plasma desktop.

18 October 2016

Ubuntu 14.04 Adds Global Menu “Off” Switch

In the current daily builds of Ubuntu 14.04 the Unity global menu can now be disabled on a per-app basis.

29 November 2013