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Peek, the GIF Screen Recorder for Linux, Has Been Updated

Peek is one of my favourite bits of software. I don't use it often but when I do use it, I always appreciate how perfectly formed it is.

24 September 2019
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View GIFs on the Command Line (Cos Why Not, Right?)

The command line is¬†fantastically versatile. You can get weather forecasts on the CLI, you can get the latest World Cup scores on the CLI, and you can even watch Star Wars on the CLI. And […]

5 July 2018
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Peek Gif Screen Recorder Drops Support for Snap App

Peek is discontinuing support for its Snap app. The developer behind the popular animated gif screen capture tool cites complex set-up and a lack of cross-distro support.

25 March 2018
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Make a GIF from Video on Linux with Gifcurry

Want to make GIFs from video on Linux? Use Gifcurry, an open-source app that also lets you add text to gifs, and upload them to sites like Imgur.

5 September 2017

Make Animated Screenshot Gifs Using Gifine for Linux

Looking for an open-source animated gif tool for the Linux desktop? Check out Gifine, though be warned: it's still a little rough around the edges.

28 December 2016
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Peek is an Animated GIF Screen Recorder Tool for Linux

Looking for a simple tool that lets you record a section of your screen and export it as a GIF? Take a peek at Peek, an app that can do exactly that.

30 August 2016

How To Create Quick Animated Gifs of Apps With KGif

KGif is a teeny-tiny tool that creates an animated gif from the active window on your Linux desktop.

15 July 2016