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Valve Linux Beta

Reddit Users Bypass Steam Linux Beta Invitations

OMG! Ubuntu! have learned from a reader that Reddit users on /r/linux_gaming have already figured out a way to bypass Valve's Beta Invitation - which allow users to start exploring Steam on Linux much earlier than the folks at Valve had likely planned for.

6 November 2012

Ubuntu Create Dedicated Games Dev Team?

A new team set up on Launchpad - the online hub for Ubuntu's development activities - appears to show just how seriously Canonical are taking gaming on their platform. Although little has yet been announced about the team - called 'Ubuntu Game Developers' - or their purpose, the existing members list reads like a who's-who of technical elite.

29 October 2012
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Desura for Linux Is Finally Released

Indie game store Desura’s Linux client is now publicly available for download. Over 65 games are currently available to purchase through the digital distribution service. Titles include Oil Rush, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution and Dreamscape. […]

17 November 2011
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RTS game 0 A.D. releases Alpha 6 with new textures, sounds, and funky flight demo

The developers behind highly anticipated open source RTS game 0 A.D. have announced another update, Alpha 6 "Fortuna" which brings with it a bunch of bug fixes, new textures, map overhauls, sounds, new unit stances, and even a flight mode as a proof of concept for the versatility engine.

22 July 2011