The developers behind highlyanticipatedopen source RTS game 0 A.D. have announced another update, Alpha 6 “Fortuna” which brings with it a bunch of bug fixes, new textures, map overhauls, sounds, new unit stances, and even a flight mode as a proof of concept for the versatility engine.

Wildfire Games says of the release:

Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of“0 A.D. Alpha 6 Fortuna”, the sixth alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare.

We have added hundreds of terrain textures and dozens of sounds, redrawn and added Hellenic units and buildings, implemented unit stances and put in some WW2 fighter planes just to show that the game engine can support flight.

What’s new?

Top features:

  • New unit stances, includingViolent,Aggressive,Defensive,Stand Ground, and Avoid
  • 250 new terrain textures
  • 43 new sound effects.
  • New Greek houses
  • New Greek siege tower
  • Updated shield patterns for Greek hoplites
  • Art released for all of the remaining Champion units
  • Thracian Mercenary unit
  • New movement animations for giraffes and lions.
New maps:
  • Cycladic Archipelago III, a huge Greek islands map
  • Southern Greece real-world map
  • Updated Belgian Bog
  • Cantabrian Highlands random map now uses the Temperate biome terrain set
  • Gambia River map, using the new Tropic biome terrain set
  • Mediterranean Coves.
  • Delay in carrying out unit instructions eliminated
  • Units less likely to get stuck
  • Various improvements to the text input boxes in the game
  • Unit selection limit matches population cap (200 units).
The Atlas scenario editor:
  • Player settings editing panel: Set teams, colors, default AI behavior, starting resources etc
  • Entity filter: Enter part of the name of an object/objects you want to add to your map to filter them out from among the rest.
Just for fun:
  • Flight demo: A brand new P-51 Mustang can fly around the map, and attack targets on the ground and in the air.

Download and install

0 A.D. of course cross platform, and they’ve provided download instructions for all three Operating Systems. They’ve even got neat shiny buttons, too.

via email, Wildfire Games | Full announcement

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