‘my interest is piqued at any game that opens with an alien abduction’

As PAX 2017 rapidly approaches, I feel like I’m shuffling around like a 3d version of SpaceChem.. oh wait —

I don’t know about you, but no matter how much Zachtronics Industries Infinifactory might look like a cell shaded glimpse into the most depressing possible outcome of capitalism, my interest is piqued at any game that opens with an alien abduction.

I mean, doesn’t really matter who you are, being yoinked right out of your car by extraterrestrials adds some flavor.

gif of infinifactory
Kleptomaniac extraterrestrials. It’s a problem.

The very next thing your character sees is a long corridor, with the ubiquitous yet helpful tutorial bits to show you the controls and get you right into the game itself. Your rattled player character tries to convince themselves it’s all a dream until the grim realization that not only have you been abducted but there’s a very good chance they’ll kill you if you don’t follow the rules.

The game mechanics are refreshingly simple for the variety of tasks required, even beginners should be able to grasp the commands after the tutorial phase. With your kennel (it would be an intolerable abuse of the English language to call it a bedroom) fully equipped with a bed (read: looks like a cardboard box with a maybe-sheet) and food pellets, your next task is to begin the training missions.

Training missions that make THIS make sense:

unscrew your brain
Feel free to take a moment to unscrew your brain. I had to.

“Infinifactory” combines resource harvesting, resource refining, building and story driven content to create a tour de force sure to please even the most pragmatic of gamers. Every puzzle offers its own set of challenges, each level building (Ha, see what I did there? Building, because it’s a game about – yeah, you get it.) upon the last as the puzzles become more and more complex.

Whether you’re an FPS boss looking to twist your brain into pretzels or a puzzle game aficionado with logic skills a Vulcan would envy, “Infinifactory” is game content aplenty to keep you occupied!

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