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Purism Want To Make a Truly Open-Source Linux Phone

Would you buy a truly open-source phone running nothing but free software? If you would, Purism want to know the sort of hardware specs you'd expect to get from it.

2 October 2016
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GNOME to drop support for BSD, Solaris, Unix?

Take this one with a pinch of hearty pinch of salt for now, but, in a post to the GNOME Developer Mailing List, Jon McCann - a tour de force in the GNOME world and pioneer of GNOME Shell itself - has urged that GNOME not only become an OS, but forgo keeping support for other non-Linux operating systems such as BSD, Solaris and Unix in the process.

18 May 2011
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Tyler on Ubuntu: Jailbreaking and Why it’s good for us.

In case you all haven’t heard, back in late July, Jailbreaking devices was ruled to be legal by the United States government, and similar bits of legislator are seeing movement in other notable countries (although […]

16 August 2010