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Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Web Browser is Now Available on Flathub

Fans of the Vivaldi web browser will be pleased to hear it’s now available to install from Flathub. Vivaldi’s Flathub package is not official or verified, as the store listing makes clear: “This package is […]

15 November 2023
Discord verified logos

Discord is Now Verified on Flathub, No Longer Unofficial

Discord, the phenomenally popular proprietary chat platform, is now verified on Flathub. For years, a Discord Flatpak app has been available on Flathub albeit without any official association, approval, or contribution from Discord itself. However, […]

29 October 2023

Flathub’s Got Big Plans for 2023

Devs outline their plans for Flathub in the coming year to help maintain the Flatpak hub's meteoric rise to everyday open source essential.

7 March 2023
Dialect GTK translations app for Linux desktop

Dialect is a Useful Language Translation Tool for Linux Desktops

Need to translate one language to another? Skip opening a browser tab and install Dialect. This neat GTk4 translation tool can do it all – and then some!

16 July 2022
How to install flatpak on ubuntu guide thumbnail

How to install Flatpak on Ubuntu: Step-by-step guide

Learn how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later to access hundreds of Flatpak apps available on Flathub — it's easier than you think!

30 December 2021

‘Mousai’ is Song Recognition App for Linux

Mousai is a song recognition app for Linux desktops. A Shazam alternative, Mousai listens to a song you play and identifies it within seconds. Try it out!

4 August 2021
souk flatpak app screenshot main

Is Souk the Flatpak App Store Experience We’ve Been Waiting For?

A slick new storefront to find and install Flatpak apps? Count me in! Souk is a new, independent Flatpak manager built in GTK 4 & Rust – and it looks epic!

9 December 2020
firefox flatpak app

An Official Firefox Flatpak is on the Way

With the Firefox 74 release out of the way Mozilla developers now turning their attention towards Firefox 75, scheduled for release in the early part of April. While Firefox 75 will (obviously) ship with new […]

10 March 2020

elementary OS Now Has Support for Flatpak Apps

Elementary OS Flatpak support is now rolling out to users via a software update. The change will make it easier to install Flatpak apps on elementary OS.

3 November 2019
The website

New ‘Linux App Store’ Website Lets You Find Apps, Wherever (Updated)

The new Linux App Store website makes it easier to find Linux apps, regardless of whether they are Snap apps, Flatpak, or AppImage.

5 May 2019
GWE utility for overclocking NVIDIA on Linux

Easily Overclock NVIDIA GPUs on Linux with This New App

Looking to overclock NVIDIA GPUs on Linux? Try a new app called "Green with Envy". It lets you manage fans, view info, and overclock NVIDIA graphics.

4 February 2019
flatpak tux in a box

Flatpak 1.0 Released with ‘Significant Improvements’

Flatpak, the Linux app distribution format, has finally hit version 1.0, more than three years after its first public release. As is befitting such a major milestone Flatpak 1.0 boasts ‘significant improvement in performance and reliability’, […]

20 August 2018