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Firefox 4 Beta 5 available

You’ve probably heard it elsewhere first but the 5th beta release of Firefox 4 is now available to download, test and generally freak out over. There’s plenty to coo over in the release including a […]

8 September 2010
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Firefox 4 Beta 3 released

The third beta of the Firefox 4 development cycle has been released. What’s new?  Errr, for Linux users precious little in terms of eye-candy or new buttons to press but boat loads of bug fixes, […]

12 August 2010
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Enable HQ WebGL graphics in Firefox 4 Beta

Of the many new features Mozilla are stuffing the next edition of their premier browser with is support for the 'work in progress' HTML 3D graphics API WebGL. This will provide high-quality 3D graphics in-browser without the need for plugins. OMG!'s good friend Bilal "bug crusher" Akhtar sent over some instructions for getting it up and running in Ubuntu Lucid which i've printed below.

11 August 2010
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Firefox 4 Beta 1 Released

The first beta of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is now available for the bleeding-edge insatiable to get their teeth into. Many of the new features and enhancements we’ve mentioned over the last few months finally make […]

6 July 2010
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Firefox 4 Beta ‘Feedback button’ is both cute, novel & important

During the development cycle of Firefox 4 Beta proper Mozilla are going to ensure they get users feedback every step of the way during what promises to be one of the most important development cycles […]

25 June 2010
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Why are tabs on top in Firefox 4? Firefox UX team explain [video]

The decision to place tabs ‘on top’ for Firefox 4 has almost been the Mozilla equivalent of Left-hand side window buttons; for some it seems nothing short of a blatant rip off of Chrome/ium & Opera. Others feel […]

25 June 2010
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New Firefox 4 mock-ups for Linux

New Firefox 4 for Linux mock-ups have been produced that better show off the aimed UI changes that Firefox 4 will tout in it’s next major release. Firefox 4, likely to ship sometime early next year, […]

13 June 2010
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Firefox 4 Theme For Linux – Tabs on Top, Tab Peek, Lots More!

With Firefox 3.6’s release earlier today you may be falling in love with your browser all over again – especially thanks to the integration of ‘Personas’. A month or so back we posted the mocked […]

21 January 2010
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Firefox 4.0 Interface For Linux Mocked-up (& Peek at Firefox 3.7, too!)

Firefox 4.0 is not due to be released for well over another yeah but mock-ups of the premier open-source browser’s proposed visual refresh as it will look on Linux have been mocked-up and shown off […]

29 October 2009