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New Firefox 4 mock-ups for Linux

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

New Firefox 4 for Linux mock-ups have been produced that better show off the aimed UI changes that Firefox 4 will tout in it’s next major release.


Firefox 4, likely to ship sometime early next year, will see the first radical overhaul of the theme both externally and on the ‘inside’ too; the extensions, about:config, etc will all seek to keep a unified appearance – even across the major OSes.

This will help dissuade users of Firefox on different platforms from thinking that Firefox works and behaves differently.


Some of the in-content UI, with the buzz word ‘visual unification’ slapped all over it, have also begun to take shape. Whilst the caveat that this is ‘far from final’ applies, the designs are pretty awesome and seem pretty coherent already so I wouldn’t predict a massive deviation from what we’re seeing now.