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Firefox 4 Beta ‘Feedback button’ is both cute, novel & important

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

During the development cycle of Firefox 4 Beta proper Mozilla are going to ensure they get users feedback every step of the way during what promises to be one of the most important development cycles in the applications’ history.

To do this a new ‘feedback’ button – replete with obligatory cute emoticons – will be present in builds of Firefox 4. The button will provide an expedient channel in which users can direct their delight/grievances towards the right people via a simple entry form; no sign-ups, no complex adherences to abide by – just enter and submit.

All of the data submitted will be viewable on a publicly available dashboard that will provide non-user identifiable statistics, be searchable & display any trends that occur with frequency in submissions.

Images: Aakash Desai