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A Linux File Manager Built Using Electron

We’ve written about plenty of Electron apps, from music players to e-mail clients, code editors and chat tools — but the following tool the first Electron file manager we’ve come across! It’s called JumpFM and it’s described as a ‘minimalistic […]

20 August 2017

fman is Cross-Platform Dual Pane File Manager

If you’re looking for a dual-pane file manager available for Linux (or macOS or Windows) look no further than fman. fman (sic) is pitched as “modern file manager for power users”. It has a clean design, runs quickly, and its […]

27 March 2017

Nautilus File Search Is About To Get A Big Power Up

Finding files in Nautilus, the default GNOME file manager, is about to get a whole heap easier.

12 October 2015

Ubuntu To Create New File Manager for Unity 8 Desktop

With the scheduled switch to Unity 8 on the Ubuntu desktop creeping ever closer, Ubuntu developers are debating whether a new file manager is needed.

3 February 2014
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Nautilus-Elementary is dead, long live ‘Marlin’

The honeymoon is over folks: Nautilus-elementary is no longer being actively developed. The elementary team are instead turning their attention towards creating a file browser that does everything they want it to, and it's called Marlin.

8 November 2010
Linux Mint's new file manager Nemo

Five Alternative File Managers To Nautilus

Daily 5 today briefs you, er, briefly on 5 alternative file managers to stock Nautilus. Dolphin If you’ve tried Kubuntu of late then chances are you’ve already encountered Dolphin – it’s the default file manager […]

15 June 2010
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Meet Dash – DanRabbit’s awesome new project: an entirely new file browser!

Sick and tired of seeing awesome Nautilus mock-ups that you know won’t ever get made? Well so was one of the best designers FOSS has (and perennial OMG! fave) DanRabbit. So much so that instead […]

30 March 2010
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Ubuntu Reverts File Size Reading Changes

The introduction of a new file size unit reading policy in Ubuntu 10.04 that caused many users confusion has now been reverted and postponed until Ubuntu 10.10. The debut of the new policy was, as […]

26 March 2010
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Try Thunar – A Sleek Lightweight File Manager

Thunar is a lightweight file manager with a very light memory footprint, a less cluttered layout and pretty much all the features one needs in a file manager! Installing Thunar does not remove Nautilus so […]

2 October 2009