Fans of Faenza may want to take a few minutes to calm themselves: its designer is crafting an entire GNOME Shell theme.

‘Faience’ is a complete theming solution for GNOME Shell comprising of a GTK2/3 theme, GNOME Shell theme and a Faenza-derived icon set.

Click the image below for a supery-duper large version of the WIP so far, but note that the GTK2/3 theme has yet to be created.

To compliment the entire suite its designer, Tiheum, is tailoring an icon set to suit it.

The icon set, which is far from complete at this stage, resembles a more mature/less gaudy version of Faenza, whilst retaining the familiar Faenza stylings of ’rounded square-ish tiles’.


As with the GNOME Shell theme, the icon set has been designed purposely for Gnome 3. As such users shouldn’t expect them pack to work 100% correctly when used under Unity.


Download and installation instructions – again note that this is both a WIP and intended for GNOME 3/Shell users – can be found on Tiheum’s deviant art page.

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