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Elementary OS Luna To Be Based On Ubuntu 12.04

Good things come to those who wait - particularly elementary fans willing to wait until April 2012...

13 September 2011
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Switchboard: A Centralised System Settings Hub By The elementary Project

The elementary team have announced the first public release of 'Switchboard', a centralised hub for configuring system settings on the elementary OS desktop.

18 August 2011
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Beatbox Adds Album Art, Sound Menu Support

The development branch of elementary music player 'Beatbox' has seen initial introduction for an album-art view and Ubuntu Sound Menu support.

15 June 2011
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Elementary OS ‘Luna’ Speed Shown Off

The speed of Ubuntu-based elementary OS's next version, code-named 'Luna', has been shown off by one of its developers.

9 June 2011
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Elementary music player ‘Beatbox’ adds PPA

If you've been dying to get your hands on a development release of the elementary projects' new music player 'BeatBox' then you're in luck - it now has its own development PPA for intrepid testers to try it out from.

22 May 2011
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Elementary OS adds 64bit support and direct downloads

When the elementary project launched the first release of their operating system late last month the only way to download a copy was by jumping on the torrent bandwagon. Not so any more! Download links and further info tucked away behind the 'read more' button.

7 April 2011
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Elementary pre-order update & exclusive peek at disc artwork

Several months back the elementary team began taking pre-orders for a physical copy of their operating systems' first relase 'Jupiter'. If you, like myself and many others, slapped down some cash straight away to nab the OS on disc you might be wondering where the jolly-higgins it is following yesterdays online release of the very same OS. We has answers.

1 April 2011
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Elementary OS ‘Jupiter’ released, reviewed

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, reading (and, for some of us, hyping) the first release of the elementary project's very own operating system is finally available to download.

31 March 2011
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Contractor brings seamless file sharing between apps to the Linux desktop

Contractor is new 'sharing service' developed by Allen Lowe for the elementary project. It allows applications to push data and/or files to other applications without the applications needing to be hard-coded to do so. Think of it as a middle man that relieves both applications of having to work with each other - they just need to work with Contractor.

14 March 2011
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Postler – elementary’s e-mail application released

The first release of the long awaited e-mail client from the elementary project is now available.

26 February 2011