Jan-Christoph Borchardt got in touch with us to shate his Minimal and Mono themes for popular ‘icon only taskbar’ application DockbarX.

“Following all the indicator applet mono icon craze, I jumped on the bandwagon” he told us on the reason behind creating them. Whilst we’re Docky die-hards here at OMG! towers we’re not averse to some DockBarX/Talika loving either so here are his monochromatic creations to download and enjoy.

Download & Install

The themes are available at this branch or for convenience sake can be downloaded @ ubuntuone.com/p/FDC/.

Once downloaded just extract the .Zip file and move all/any of the themes you wish to use into

  • .dockbarx/themes/

You will find this folder inside ‘Home’ and by pressing ‘CTRL + H’. Note the period preceding the location name. Alternatively press ALT + F2 in unison and enter: –

  • nautilus .dockbarx/themes/

Not got DockBarX?

Installing DockBarX is straightforward.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dockbar-main/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sud apt-get install dockbarx

Once installation has completed you can add it to your panel by right clicking > ‘Add to panel…’ > DockBarX. Themes can be configured from the DockBarX preferences window, accessible by right clicking on DockBarX.

Phew! Many thanks to Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Download dockbarx Eye Candy