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a screenshot of dash to dock on ubuntu linux

Dash to Dock Now Supports Multi-Monitor Setups

Dash to Dock, the hugely popular desktop dock for GNOME Shell, has been updated with multi-monitor improvements, a new click action, and various bug fixes.

5 June 2017

How To Change the Dash to Dock App Launcher Icon

If you want to make GNOME Shell look like Unity using Dash to Dock, here's how to change the app launcher icon to the Unity BFB icon.

12 April 2017
a screenshot of dash to dock on ubuntu linux

Hurrah! Dash to Dock Now Supports GNOME 3.24

The Dash to Dock GNOME Shell Extension has been updated to support GNOME 3.24, and improves its app launch keyboard shortcut feature.

27 March 2017
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Dash to Dock GNOME Extension Adds Long-Requested Features

A new version of the immensely popular GNOME extension ‘Dash to Dock’ is now available. The extension moves the GNOME Shell application launcher bar (known as the ‘dash’) from the overview window and places it on the […]

6 February 2017
gnome extensions tile

The 5 Best GNOME Shell Extensions

These are the best GNOME Shell extensions available to install on Ubuntu — according to you!

8 July 2016