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A new version of Dash to Dock — a GNOME extension that puts an app launcher and task list on the desktop — is now available to install.

Dash to Dock v60 introduces a new way to see window previews for running apps.

Older versions of Dash to Dock can already (optionally) show a live window thumbnail when you right-click on a running application launcher and then unfold the sub menu inside.

But the new approach can be bound to any mouse click, making the feature easier to access.

dash to dock preview windows

As yet, these window previews can’t be made to appear on mouseover/hover as they can in Dash to Panel. You can choose what keyboard combo or mouse button you use to see these previews Dash to Dock > Settings > Behaviour > Click Action settings.

Another major feature addition in this Dash to Dock release is the new ‘isolate monitor’ option.

When this option is enabled each dock on each of your monitors will only show the applications open and running on that screen.

Rounding out this update is a slew of bug fixes, including one for a regression with click options, updated translations and various miscellaneous improvements.

It doesn’t seem like any of the Unity features we mentioned earlier this month made it in to this release — fingers crossed they make the next one!

Install Dash to Dock

Dash to Dock v60 supports GNOME Shell 3.18 and up and is available to install from the GNOME Extensions website.

Dash to Dock on GNOME Extensions

For source downloads, to report bugs, or get involved in developing this app see the project page on Github.

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