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Desktop Twitter app Hotot comes to Chrome

One of Ubuntu's most popular desktop Twitter applications, Hotot, is now available as a Google Chrome extension.

19 March 2011
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OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome web app

Everyone loves a glorified bookmark sat on their Chrome/ium new tab page and what better bookmark to have than one for OMG! Ubuntu!? It's nothing more than a big button that takes you to the site, but it's still nifty nonetheless.

11 March 2011
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Chromify-OSD gives Chrome web apps native Notifications in Ubuntu

A new extension for Chrome enables Ubuntu users to receive Chrome notifications using Ubuntu's default desktop notification system

16 February 2011
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Ubuntu One Chrome web app gives you quick access to your personal cloud

A new Chrome Web App (okay, 'glorified bookmark') provides you with quick access to your Ubuntu One file storage.

21 January 2011
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Chrome Webstore icon appears in Daily build

After updating the Chromium daily build today I found a shiny new icon sat in my new tab app’s bar – a link to the official Chrome webstore! The Chrome webstore cometh!?! Well, not just […]

21 July 2010
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Enable Chrome Web Apps in Chromium on Ubuntu

If you’re chomping at the bit to try out some of Googles Web App features in Chrome/ium then read on! Google announced that a new Chrome Web Store was being built earlier this year at […]

15 July 2010
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Google Chrome “App Pack” PPA

Want some perfectly placed, ready made Chrome Web App shortcuts but can’t be bothered to do it yourself? Just as you can install Prism apps for several Google webapps, the following PPA contains ready-made Chrome […]

28 December 2009