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Ubuntu Ambiance Chrome/ium Theme

Chrome/ium can now blend in perfectly with your Lucid desktop thanks to this Chrome theme by tobiash. Be sure to set your title bars to system for full effect. Download

11 March 2010
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YouTube HTML5-ifer For Chrome Makes YouTube A Joy To Use

Chrome extension "YouTube-HTML5-ifier" replaces the flash-based YouTube player with a HTML5 video tag – thus giving you native video playback without the need for a CPU hungry Flash plugin! The extension can’t show any flash-reliant […]

14 December 2009
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Google Chrome Extension Gallery Now Live

Google Chromes’ official Extensions Gallery is finally open for business. Tons of new extensions are available from the official extension gallery – yes, even adblockers – including official extensions from eBay, StumbleUpon and Google themselves, all […]

8 December 2009
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Watch YouTube Video’s Without Flash In Your Browser!

If you want to watch YouTube videos without using Flash you can – thanks to neosmart. Available as both a webpage AND as an extension for Chromium (and shortly to work on Chrome), Firefox and […]

8 November 2009
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5 New Chrome Extensions Worth Trying – Twitter, Google Tasks, YouTube enhancer & more

It’s been a while since my last pick of the best Chrome extensions and to celebrate Chromium finally supporting extension “tool tips” here are 5 new “toolbar” extensions to enjoy! Google Tasks Manage your to-do’s […]

7 November 2009