Chrome extension "YouTube-HTML5-ifier" replaces the flash-based YouTube player with a HTML5 video tag – thus giving you native video playback without the need for a CPU hungry Flash plugin!

The extension can’t show any flash-reliant extras that a video might have, such as annotations, but it does automatically load the best quality video.

Another nice feature thanks to HTML are the auto-fading controls – they only show on mouse over.

Sometimes videos don’t seem to load so you’re left staring a white box, other times a video will load but won’t play sound until you pause/unpause. Not all videos can be HTML5-ized, either and embedded videos will still play via flash.

Minor quibbles which I’m sure will be addressed in future version of the plugin. All in all it’s a worthwhile extension if you use YouTube a lot.

You can install the extesnion via the Google Chrome Extension gallery @

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