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Keep Ubuntu Awake with Caffeine (And Avoid That Pesky Lock Screen)

We show you how to disable the Ubuntu lock screen, adjust the inactive time before the screen turns off, or use an app to solve both problems in one click!

21 July 2016

Caffeine Stops Ubuntu Lock Screen Kicking In During Fullscreen Apps

The sleep/screensaver inhibitor Caffeine has brewed a new release — but long time fans of it may find the new flavour takes some getting used to.

19 May 2014

Screensaver Inhibitor ‘Caffeine’ Gets First Update in Over Two Years

Screensaver and sleep inhibitor Caffeine has received its first update in over two years.

11 December 2013
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How Do You Use Caffeine? (The app, not the stimulant)

If you use Caffeine – the screensaver and sleep inhibiting application, not the alkaloid psychoactive stimulant – then you may be able to help its development by answering one very simple question: ‘How do you use it?’ What […]

11 June 2010
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Ubuntu Mono Theme Tray Icons for Caffeine

Add some Ubuntu Ambiance/Radiance style icons to Caffeine – the coffee-powered way to stop your screensaver or sleep-timer kicking in. Download the icons: [link since broken] Replace the files in /usr/share/caffeine/images/ Installing Caffeine If you don’t already […]

4 May 2010

Too Cute Not to Post: Elementary Icons For Caffeine

I know, I know: you hate minor posts. I get it, but I just noticed that one of fave Linux artists, 0rAX0, has uploaded an Elementary icon for Caffeine, the cool power-inhibiter application. You can download the icons from […]

23 March 2010

‘Caffeine’ For Linux Is a Handy App To Delay Screensaver/Suspend

Caffeine is a “status bar application able to temporarily prevent the activation of both the screensaver and the “sleep” power-saving mode.” The developer also words it another way: – Caffeine is a tiny cup of […]

27 August 2009