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Ubuntu 22.04’s Snap-Only Software Store is a Bug, Not a Feature

I've seen a few people mention that Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't lets you search for, browse, or install .deb packages from the Ubuntu Software app. This is a bug.

30 March 2022
nextcloud bug in Ubuntu 21.04

NextCloud is Currently Broken in Ubuntu 21.04, But a Fix is Coming

NextCloud users considering an upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04 might want to hold off for a few days as the NextCloud package in Ubuntu is currently broken.

23 April 2021
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GNOME 40 Fixes the Issue of Truncated App Nam…

I know you're thinking "Joey, you've been here before", but this time it's different. Code has been committed and merged. A fix is finally happening.

11 January 2021

How to Freeze Ubuntu By Pressing One Key (Don’t Try This at Home)

Fool around with function keys in Ubuntu at your own peril folks, 'cos today I came across a frustrating (if middle funny) bug that can freeze the desktop.

1 May 2020

Ubuntu 19.10 Bug Shares Your Media Folders Without Warning

A major bug in Ubuntu 19.10 could be automatically sharing the contents of your Pictures, Video and Music folders with other users on the same network.

3 November 2019
steam bugs y'all

Can’t Create Desktop Shortcuts to Steam Games on Linux? You’re Not Alone…

Having issues trying to create a desktop shortcut for a Steam game on Linux? Well, you can seek some solace in the fact that you're not alone.

26 July 2017
apps on a shelf

Can’t Install Third-Party Apps on Ubuntu 16.04? You’re Not Alone

Having trouble installing third-party .debs on Ubuntu 16.04? You, my friend, are far from alone.

28 April 2016
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[How To] File a Bug in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is not perfect. It crashes, breaks and bugs out on us – often at the worst of times. But as talented as many developers are they are not psychic. In order for issues to […]

29 February 2012
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Ubuntu’s One Hundred Paper Cuts Project is Precisely Back!

Three, two, one, GO! The One Hundred Paper Cuts project is back for the Ubuntu 12.04 development cycle, to make 12.04 LTS the most bug-free, precise and pixel-perfect Ubuntu release ever! What is a paper […]

3 December 2011
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[How to] Fix Suspend/Hibernate in Ubuntu 10.10

If suspend and/or hibernate doesn't work for you in Ubuntu the following 'how to' guide may be of use.

10 May 2011
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Take a bite out of Unity’s bitesize bugs

Ever wanted to fix some bugs in Unity? Bitesize bugs are small-ish ones that will help you to get started.

9 December 2010