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Happy Birthday, Linux!

Happy Birthday, Linux! It's 27 years since Linus Torvalds' famous Linux announcement of his (now hugely influential) open source operating system.

25 August 2018
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Happy 13th Birthday, Ubuntu!

Believe it or not but today is Ubuntu's 13th birthday! Thirteen years ago today that Ubuntu 4.10 'Warty Warthog' was announced, transforming desktop Linux.

20 October 2017
ubuntu birthday quiz

Happy 12th Birthday, Ubuntu!

Ubuntu celebrates its 12th birthday today — and to celebrate we've devised a fiendishly feisty birthday quiz for you to pit your wily wits against…

20 October 2016
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How a shy blueberry crusher stumbled upon an African spaceman and began a new job on Valentines Day

Today is a very special day indeed for, 32 years ago thence, the worlds best ‘design team generalist’ was born in the humble shire of Nelson in New Zealand on June 10th. Forget Jesus – […]

10 June 2010