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Stress Testing Your Linux System Just Got Easier

Want to stress text your Linux system? Then check out GTKStressTest, a new open source app designed specifically for the task. The goal of GTKStressTesting (GST) is to put everything you need to know about […]

27 January 2020
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Linux Mint Vs Windows 10 Speed Test [Infographic]

Is Linux Mint faster than Windows 10 when run on the same laptop, launching the same apps? Check out the results of these speed tests to find out!

19 June 2019

Ubuntu Gaming Performance Edging Closer to Windows 8

Recent gaming benchmarks claim that gaming performance on Ubuntu is now "mostly on par" with that of Windows 8.1.

1 November 2013
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How much does Unity, GNOME-Shell affect performance?

Hardware review site Phoronix recently took the time to see how much of a performance dent the popular desktop environments 'inflict' on system performance.

30 May 2011