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Linux Mint ‘Software Manager’ Sees Some Major Improvements

Major improvements are coming to the Linux Mint Software Manager app, the Ubuntu-based distribution's default app store.

30 July 2017
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Automate Ubuntu With Cuttlefish

A pretty clever guy called Newton once said, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The same is now true for Ubuntu with the use of Cuttlefish.

6 September 2012
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Ubuntu App Developer Portal Released, Wants To Help You Develop Apps For Ubuntu

After several months of work, the Ubuntu Developer Portal aims to help new developers get familiar with the technologies, frameworks and process for developing rich applications for the Ubuntu platform. It features help videos, links to resources, and instructions on how to get started, and for developers with an application already published in the Software Center, a dashboard for tracking downloads or sales, and allows information for the application (like the screenshot, description, name) to be altered.

27 September 2011

Introducing the OMG! Ubuntu! Android app

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Android app is here! Now you can get the latest Ubuntu news, tips, interviews, how-tos and more from your favourite Ubuntu site wherever you are on your Android phone.

1 May 2011
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NowSpide: New desktop RSS reader in development

NowSpide is a shiny modern desktop RSS reader in development by Siyan Panayotov, whom many will know as the hands behind lightweight image viewer ViewNior.

16 January 2011