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New Ubuntu T-Shirts Go On Sale in Canonical Store

New items have been added to the official Ubuntu Shop, including the obligatory 'new release' t-shirts.

4 April 2013

Canonical Shop Offering 3 Ubuntu Xmas Gift Deals

If your ear has fallen within the radius of a supermarket or shopping mall's sound system anytime since October then you'll know that the festive feel-good season of Christmas is all but upon us. So if you're stuck for a gift to get an Ubuntu-user in your member, or if someone's stuck on what to get you, cast an eye over the following deals on offer from Canonical...

4 December 2012
Ubuntu Boombero Speaker

Would You Buy This Ubuntu-Branded Smartphone Speaker?

Canonical sell a variety of Ubuntu-branded merchandise through their online store, but is this - the "Ubuntu Speaker" - worthy of the bearing the brand? Manufactured by Oregon Scientific, the 'Boombero' speaker is, in all fairness, pretty unique.

19 October 2012
Ubuntu Cap and Beanie

New Ubuntu 12.10 T-Shirts & Hats Go On Sale

New Ubuntu merchandise has gone on sale in the Canonical Store ahead of October's release of Ubuntu 12.10. Two new t-shirt designs and two new hats are on offer.

6 October 2012
New Ubuntu backpack

Ubuntu 12.04 Merchandise Goes on Sale

Ubuntu 12.04 CDs, USBs, t-shirts and other goods have gone on sale over on the Canonical store.

17 April 2012
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Ubuntu Shop Xmas Offers: Free Gifts; 15% off Hoodies

Floors covered in plastic snow, shoppers panicking, and collective waistlines slowly starting to expand: Yes, it's Xmas. With December now in full swing it's nice to see the Ubuntu partaking of the festive mood by way of some natty new promotions in the Canonical Store.

5 December 2011

Official Oneiric T-Shirts Appear in Ubuntu Shop

The Canonical Store has seen some new Ubuntu-branded wearables added to is shelves. Amongst them are the official Ubuntu 11.10 t-shirts in both male and female versions, a sleek slate-grey Ubuntu polo, and a svelte looking ladies Ubuntu hoody.

4 October 2011

Our Top Five Ubuntu Store Items

We all love a bit of branding right? ("Cows say no" - the world) Canonical have a tonne of ready-made merchandise readily purchasable from their on-line store. Whilst the cost of postage in the store doesn't come cheap, you are allowed to treat yourself sometime... Below are my favourite five items readily available form the store.

16 August 2011
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Official Ubuntu keyboard for sale… with a Windows key?

A new officially branded waterproof keyboard has gone on sale in the Canonical store - albeit one with what appears to be a Windows key.

2 January 2011

New Ubuntu Stickers Go On Sale, Perfect for Covering Netbooks

Notebook and netbook users the world over can now flash their OS cred to the world with some ace new Ubuntu stickers added to the Ubuntu Store. Two different packs are available – 3 sheets […]

29 July 2010
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OMG! Merchandise Store Now Open for Business

We’ve opened up an OMG! Merchandise Store (link since removed) where you can purchase exciting designs printed on everything from clocks to t-shirts and help support us at the same time. We don’t get any […]

26 July 2010

New Ubuntu 10.04 Items Available In the Ubuntu Store

Wallets at the ready folks – The first new items designed using the new Ubuntu branding are now available in the Ubuntu Store. New look t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats and more are available. T-Shirts […]

27 April 2010