New Ubuntu merchandise has gone on sale in the Canonical Store ahead of October’s release of Ubuntu 12.10.

Two new t-shirt designs and two new hats are on offer. 


Since Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) the mascot of each release has graced the front of the ‘official t-shirt’.  As Ubuntu 12.10 is the ‘Quantal Quetzal’ the latest design makes use of the fine long-tailed Quetzal logo we’ve seen a lot of over the  last 5 months.

Ubuntu 12.10 T-shirts with Quetzal design

The Quetzal design is available in mens sizes small through XX-large, and female sizes small through X-large for the quantifiable sum of £10.25/$17.39. 

Do you think this design is better than past efforts?

“Ubuntu Icons”

Another new design on sale this cycle is features a variety of Ubuntu’s ‘pictogram’ icons (including ‘cloud’, ‘mobile’, ‘tv’, ‘server’ and ‘monitor’) all linked together to an Ubuntu logo in the center.

So far this design is only available in mens sizes small through xx-large, but is marginally cheaper than the Quetzal design, costing £10.23/$17.35 excluding postage and packaging.

Ubuntu icons T-shirt design


If covering your torso in Ubuntu-branded niceties isn’t enough for you then there are two new hat designs to add to your xmas lists.

The first, a bold orange ‘cap’, is unmistakably Ubuntu and not that expensive either, costing £7.50/$12.72. 

The second is a subtly-branded but cosy looking beanie that will set you back £6.80/$11.53.

Ubuntu Cap and Beanie

All of these items, as well as pre-orders for the Ubuntu 12.10 DVD, can be purchased  from the Canonical Store.

Visit the Canonical Store

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