Wondering what’s new in Ubuntu 23.10? Wonder no more my friend, as I showcase the top features and core changes in my latest video.

The release Ubuntu’s developers dubbed ‘Mantic Minotaur’ makes its way onto the release scene tomorrow (October 12), having been in development for the past 6 months.

So to bring you up-to-speed on what’s so special about this short-term release I blew the dust off my video gear and put together a release video.

Ubuntu 23.10 is an interesting release for a multitude of reasons.

Choosing to make Ubuntu “minimal by default” is a major statement (mercifully Ubuntu devs saw sense and added an ‘expanded install’ option for those who want a full experience™); while the GNOME 45 uplift delivers a dose of decent UI and UX changes.

The new App Center software hub is a marked improvement over the issue-laden Ubuntu Software. While the Snap-centric focus won’t suit everyone it’s a relief to see filters make it easy to find and install regular Deb software from the Ubuntu archives.

As the final interim release before the next LTS, the changes present are a good indication of what we can expect from that, though the likely inclusion of GNOME 46 will no doubt ensure there’s plenty more features for us to gush over.

I don’t need to say much else though — mash play on the embed at the top of this post to watch my breezy clip here or yeet yourself over to YouTube and imbibe it there. If you don’t already subscribe to my YouTube channel please do something about it wink-wink.

Finally, be sure to let me know what you think about this Ubuntu release down in the comments. I’m eager to know which features you’re eager to use (and find out if anyone else is equally enthused about the addition of a dedicated firmware update app).

Ubuntu 23.10