A new Ubuntu release cycle is about to get underway which means a new Ubuntu codename is needed.

Update: Ubuntu 24.04 is codenamed ‘Noble Numbat’. Developers announced the name a week after this article was published.

So I’m asking you what your choice would be for the Ubuntu 24.04 codename.

Per tradition, the new moniker should start with the letter ‘N’ and follow the adjective and animal (real or mythical) combination

We’ve had an eclectic troupe of titles of late, including:

  • Impish Indri
  • Jammy Jellyfish
  • Kinetic Kudu
  • Lunar Lobster
  • Mantic Minotaur

The codename is rarely an obvious pairing.

Earlier today Ubuntu not-so-subtly tweeted just this:

Noble, adjective, moral in an honest, brave, and kind way

Clearly this refers to the first part of the name making Ubuntu 24.04 LTS the Noble something.

Since Ubuntu 11.10 was ‘Natty Narwhal’ we can count that particularly pointy aquatic mammal out.

Other animals that start with ‘N’ include:

  1. Newt
  2. Nightingale
  3. Natterjack
  4. Numbat
  5. Nuthatch
  6. Nabarlek
  7. Napu

Those are the ones I can think of, but there are plenty more out there.

Nurse shark? I think I one of those in a nature documentary. Neanderthal? That’d be fitting given the attitudes of some in the Ubuntu community #sass. Naked mole rat? Brings back memories of those early barely-SFW Ubuntu wallpapers…

Nautilus would be a good. After all, this is an LTS release that will stick around for a long time, just like a ‘living fossil’ 🤭.

What’s your guess?

Use the comment space below to share your best guess at the Ubuntu 20.04 animal mascot, plus your poetic reasons why you think it’d be an apt fit for a long-term release.

While there are no prizes if you guess correctly you will net yourself some serious kudos and the right to wear a smug look for the duration of the next development cycle!

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS