Longing to use touchpad gestures in Linux Mint to manage windows, workspaces, tiling, and so on?

Well, you’re in luck.

Gesture support has been added to Cinnamon 5.8, Linux Mint say its latest monthly update. To be fair, they don’t say an awful lot more about it than that, simply explaining:

“Cinnamon 5.8 is getting gestures support for window management, workspace management, tiling and media controls. Gestures will be supported on touchpads, touchscreens and tablets.”

So how’s this working?

Well, it’s already possible to use touchpad gestures on Linux Mint (assuming you have hardware that supports it, of course) thanks to the terrifically customisable TouchEgg. This bit of free, open-source software is the best known and best regarded add-on solution of its type.

So I’m not surprised to learn that it’s TouchEgg Mint devs are utilising to power enhanced touchpad gestures in the Cinnamon desktop on Linux Linux 21.2. The relevant changes have been made to Muffin (Mint’s window manager) to allow the tool to work with Mint’s desktop setup.

This should mean that a bevvy of two-finger, three-finger, scroll, and swipe gestures are supported throughout the Cinnamon UI.

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