Are you an avid gamer who loves the look of GNOME’s Adwaita theme? If so, there’s now an unofficial Adwaita theme for the Steam games client.

It’s called (no surprises) ‘Adwaita for Steam‘ and, by and large, it does exactly what you think it does: it makes Steam look (almost) like a regular GTK app. As Steam sports a dark appearance by default this third-party skin is also dark (fyi: are no plans to create a light version, sadly).

It looks Adwazing (bad pun, I’m sorry)

Installation isn’t hard, either. The theme comes with an installer script (which allows you to adjust some variables) that is run from the command line. Alternatively, install it manually by extracting the Adwaita Stream theme folder to ~/.local/share/Steam/skins. Then restart Steam, and select the Adwaita skin in Settings > Interface.

Don’t want to fuss around running commands or moving folders to random locations?

You don’t need to!

There’s also an GUI installer for the Adwaita Steam theme available on Flathub. The app isn’t made by the same developer as the theme but it makes installing the theme super simple. Better yet, this app also checks for and installs updates to the Adwaita Steam theme so you’ll be sure you’re always running the latest version — nice!

Want to try it? Install the app from Flathub, launch it, follow the prompts, and then select the Adwaita skin in Steam as mentioned above. Launch Steam and hey presto: Adwaita Steam mode unlocked.

To complete the look it’s recommend to install and enable the rounded window corners GNOME extension I mentioned a few months ago. This ensures you get the correct radii around the Steam window, which helps it look even more integrated. Finally, you may wish to install the Cantrell fonts (the default GNOME UI font).

Thanks Korbs Studio

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