The codename for next year’s Ubuntu 23.04 release has been revealed.

According to Launchpad, home of Ubuntu development, and a cryptic tweet from the official Ubuntu Twitter account, Ubuntu 23.04 is labelled “Lunar Lobster”.

Rather a lively combination with which to liken the next interim release of the much-loved desktop Linux distribution, isn’t it — but what does it mean?

‘Lunar Lobster’ – might the next release have a pinch of moon magic to it?

Well, ‘Lunar‘ 🌙 is an adjective meaning to be of, resemble, or otherwise determined by the moon (and I shouldn’t have to explain what the moon is). The word “lunatic” is derived from “lunar”, FYI.

A ‘lobster‘ 🦞 is a large, predominately red-coloured marine crustacean with eyes on stalks, five pairs of pincers, and a generally puzzled expression.

Together they mean… Well, who knows! We’re long-past the point of Ubuntu codenames conveying some contextual meaning. Codenames these days chosen because they’re funny (disco dingo), or cute (kinetic kudu), or improbable (hirsute hippo).

For some extra-curricular trivia points: Tarot fans tell me that a lobster underneath a moon is a prominent motif in traditional renditions of the 18th card in the Major Arcana, ‘The Moon‘.

Common meanings of this card — bear in mind I am not a divination guru — are said to relate to “illusions”, “emotion”, and “intuition” — could there be more to Ubuntu 23.04 than first meets the eye? 🤔

Ubuntu 23.04 is due for release on April 27, 2023. We’ll begin to learn more about what’s in store for the release once development opens up and packages start to trickle in.

We can make a few guesses about what to expect, though. A new Linux kernel, new graphics drivers, and a load of updated software are a given. GNOME 44 is likely to feature, too. And maybe, just maybe, Ubuntu’s new Flutter-based installer will, after years of development, make its long-awaited appearance.

Be sure you share your thoughts on the codename (or what name you’d have picked if you were in charge) as well as any general hopes, wishes, and wants for the release down in the comment section.

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