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How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 23.10 from 23.04

Upgrading to Ubuntu 23.10 from Ubuntu 23.04 is a breeze. If you’re fully up-to-date and have an active internet connection, you can upgrade directly. No need to download an ISO, flash it to a USB, […]

2 November 2023

Ubuntu 23.04 Broke 32-bit App Support (And No-One Noticed)

Turns out that installing the Steam client from the Ubuntu repos on a new Ubuntu 23.04 install doesn’t work – and barely anyone noticed. Which is kind of surprising given the popularity of Steam, but […]

27 August 2023

Rename Audio Devices in GNOME’s Quick Settings Sound Menu

Want to rename the audio devices that appear in the Quick Settings menu sound switcher? “No,” will be the answer from most people reading this. But I reckon a few of you will be hollering […]

1 June 2023
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

Firefox’s Black Screen Bug in Ubuntu 23.04 Gets Squashed

Do you see a pitch black window when you open Firefox on Ubuntu 23.04? If so, you’re not alone. Thing is, until today, I thought I was alone. I thought this issue, which I’ve only […]

23 May 2023
Parallels Desktop Mac icon with a lover heart and ubuntu logo

Parallels Desktop Update Adds Support for Ubuntu 23.04 VMs

A clutch of Ubuntu fixes features in the latest update to Parallels Desktop, a popular proprietary and paid virtualization suite for macOS. If you’re now scratching your head wondering why you’re reading about Mac software […]

22 May 2023

Add a Dedicated Audio Panel to Quick Settings in Ubuntu 23.04

Ubuntu 23.04 ships with GNOME 44 and if, like some, you’d prefer to access MPRIS controls from there, there’s a new extension on hand to help. Quick Settings Audio Panel is a new GNOME extension […]

1 May 2023

3 Ways to Solve Pip Install Error on Ubuntu 23.04

If you make the upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 and try to run ‘pip install’ you’ll find it throws an error – but this is not a bug. The reason why the pip install command doesn’t […]

25 April 2023
appimages running on ubuntu need libfuse2

How to Enable AppImage Support in Ubuntu 23.04

If you’re an avid user of AppImages and wondering why they don’t work in Ubuntu 23.04, I’ve got you covered. But maybe you didn’t realise there was an issue? In earlier versions of Ubuntu you […]

24 April 2023
logos of ubuntu flavors

Ubuntu 23.04 Flavors: What’s New?

Arriving alongside the Ubuntu 23.04 release are new versions of official community flavours. This time around there’s a newbie in the pack: Ubuntu Cinnamon, welcomed into the Ubuntu flavour family back in March after several […]

20 April 2023

Ubuntu 23.04 is Now Available to Download

It’s alive — Ubuntu 23.04 “Lunar Lobster” is now available to download. This update is the latest short-term release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system and is supported by 9 months of ongoing support, bug […]

20 April 2023

How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 from Ubuntu 22.10

Want to upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 from Ubuntu 22.10? If you’re full up-to-date and you have an active internet connection, you can – and in this post I run through the steps to do it. As Ubuntu […]

19 April 2023
ubuntu 23.04: new features video

Don't Miss: Ubuntu 23.04: What’s New? [Video]

The Ubuntu 23.04 release is out on April 20 and to help hype its arrival I put together a video to show off the most striking changes. Not that news of what’s new in Ubuntu […]

13 April 2023