Linux Mint has confirmed we’ll be able to get our hands on the first point-release follow-up to the (well received) Linux Mint 21 release by Christmas.

Linux Mint lead Clement Lefebvre also shares the codename for Linux Mint 21.1 is “Vera”. This continues the distro’s tradition of giving each release within a series a female name beginning with the same letter (Linux Mint 21 was ‘Vanessa’, for example).

While we don’t know much about plans for Linux Mint 21.1 — though it will continue to be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, ofc — a less cluttered desktop is in the offing.

linux mint 21 desktop icons
These shortcuts will be hidden in the next release

Clem reveals that Linux Mint 21.1 will hide the following desktop icons by default:

  • Computer
  • Home
  • Trash
  • Network

Why? Well, he reasons that these shortcuts are duplicated within the UI, and more commonly accessed elsewhere within, e.g., vi a panel applet, links in the Mint Menu, or via the Nemo file manager. Kinda makes sense, I guess.

Those who like having those icons on the desktop will be able to re-enable them, and Mint stress that all files placed in on the desktop will stay on show, as will mounted/removable devices — so no: this doesn’t mean the end of desktop icon support in Mint.

Other changes include an improved USB writer (with integrated image verification tool), and a more robust Driver Manager experience.

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