ubuntu in 2022

In my happy new year post I looked back at what Ubuntu had been up to in 2021 and touched on what’s planned for 2022, like the brand-new Ubuntu desktop installer, Flutter based apps, and planned long-term support release.

And the recent job posting for a dedicated desktop game lead suggests that Canonical is aware that Ubuntu could use a bit more oomph in its tank if it’s to keep pace with other desktop Linux distros.

But forget all that; we know what we think we’ll see from Ubuntu in 2022, but I want to hear from you: what do you want to see Ubuntu (in any of its shades) do this year?

Are there any new features you want to see in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or Ubuntu 22.10? How should devs handle some of the big GNOME desktop changes coming down the tubes? Is it time for Ubuntu to embrace new technologies like Pipewire? Switch to an all-Snap base? Is there a community spin you want to see become an official Ubuntu flavour this year?

Let me and your fellow readers know what you want to see, down in the comments.

Be as verbose or comatose as you feel, just try to keep comments and resulting discussions civil. Be nice! We all have opinions on what Ubuntu should or shouldn’t be focusing on, but lets remember that humans are involved and that no-one working on Ubuntu has anything but the best of intentions — we all want this distro to kick ass.

We’ll naturally learn more about Ubuntu’s plans for 2022 as the year gets underway, and we will be providing commentary and coverage of developers here on omg! ubuntu! as well our various social channels.

PS. I do plan to try and do the ‘YouTube thing’ this year. If you’re not subscribed to the omg! YouTube Channel (but you think you might like to be) do give it a follow. It’s the fastest, most sure-firest way to say “Joey, do stuff”.

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