alphabetical app grid

The GNOME extension featured in this post won’t revolutionise your life but it may make finding your favourite apps a bit faster in GNOME 40 and above.

It’s called ‘Alphabetical App Grid’ and —prepare those faux shocked faces, folks— it rearranges app shortcuts in the applications grid into alphabetical order.

— Hey, I did say it wasn’t revolutionary!

See, GNOME devs made a few changes to the app grid starting with GNOME 40 (used in Ubuntu 21.10 and above) that affect the order of app shortcuts in the full-screen launcher. It’s not much easy for us to rearrange the order of apps, which can lead to things get jumbled intentionally (by re-ordering) or accidentally (newly installed apps add their shortcut to the end of the grid).

If you use Ubuntu 21.10 (or another distro with GNOME 40+) and you want to bring some order to the app screen without having to sit there and drag each app in to the correct place, check out this GNOME extension.

As soon as it’s installed it will alphabetise the app grid for you, instantly. Better still, it will alphabetise the content of app folders (though you can turn this off in the extension’s settings panel).

In all, pretty helpful. Check it out on the GNOME extension website:

‘Alphabetical App Grid’ on GNOME Extensions

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