I already think Arc Menu is one of the best GNOME extensions out there, and seeing the change-log for its latest release I’m reminded why.

Arc Menu v20 is chock-full of enhancements that span the full gamut of development, from bug fixes and code refactoring through to brand menu layouts and even more customisation options.

The star attraction in the latest release is the the new “A.Z.” menu layout. This is somewhat inspired by the Windows 11 start menu (and similar to the Windows 11 style menu Arc Menu added in its previous releases) but a little more compact, lacking a “frequent apps” section and making using of smaller icons.

If you’re familiar with KDE Plasma, Pop!_OS, or macOS do check out the new standalone runner menu option. Similar to KRunner, Pop Launcher and Spotlight, the runner mode can be opened by a keyboard shortcut to provide you with a quick and unobtrusive launcher to find things fast.

This mode can be used in addition to a regular Arc Menu layout, as well as by itself. You can change the position, enable a gap, and control what does (or doesn’t) appear in the results palette.

Arc Menu v20 includes a length set of smaller changes, including:

  • Settings to customize icon size of all menu items
  • Setting to “Show Application Descriptions”
  • Setting to “Highlight search result terms”
  • Rounded corners and margins in menu item styling
  • New styling for all buttons widgets in ArcMenu
  • Search box clears when changing category or page
  • Change layout of search results on ‘grid’ menus
  • Force symbolic icons for categories and shortcut menu items
  • Distro icons for Zorin OS & EndeavourOS
  • Updated handling of custom hotkeys

Plus plenty of bug fixes, code cleanups, and minor visual tweaks.

Arc Menu is free, open source software with source code available on Gitlab. To install the latest version of Arc Menu head to the extension listing on the GNOME extensions website. If you already have Arc Menu installed you will be notified of a pending update in the ‘Extensions’ app.

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