Ubuntu 21.10‘s new default wallpaper has been revealed.

As expected, the new background doesn’t deviate too far from the traditional template and continues the trend of putting a large animal mascot face at the center of a purple and orange gradient:

It’s Indri, Innit

You may notice that the mascot artwork (of the Indri itself) is less stylised than in previous releases.

We’ve had oodles of origami-inspired icons (Yakkety Yak, Zesty Zapus); ample angular and/or geometric motifs (Groovy Gorilla, Disco Dingo); and a clutch of companions composed entirely of intersecting concentric rings (Bionic Beaver, Cosmic Cuttlefish, Eoan Ermine, Hirsute Hippo).

Indri is a more simplistic rendition — but perhaps all the stronger for it.

Design details aside the background as a whole remains in keeping what’s gone before and won’t be open to quite as much interpretation as the hairy, er, coconuts put on on show earlier this year! 🥥

This alternative grey version is included too

As well as offering a new default wallpaper, Ubuntu 21.10 will ship with a grey variant (above), and come with the two winners of the recent Ubuntu 21.10 wallpaper contest, which you can see below:

Ubuntu 21.10 is due for release in mid October. A beta release is expected September 23, 2021.

We have added the new design to our gallery of every default Ubuntu wallpaper
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