A major set of updates have been released for elementary OS 6.

More than 75,000 people downloaded elementary OS 6 last month. Those who installed the Ubuntu-based distro (and stuck with it) can enjoy a batch of “free fix and feature updates”, which begin rolling out to the system from September 1.

Highlights within the update set include:

  • More compatible apps in App Center
  • App Center shows link to Flathub if no search results
  • Better IMAP account support in Online Accounts
  • Ability to edit accounts in Online Accounts
  • Mail app no longer asks you to save empty drafts
  • Tasks app is now shipped as a .deb
  • Easier to set device name in Setup tool
  • Option to show/hide battery percentage in the Panel
  • System page provides more info on certain graphics chipsets

A slew of bug fixes also feature, including patches to solve an issue causing problems when resuming elementary OS 6 from sleep; quirks while renaming files in the Files app sidebar; and the system not updating the GRUB boot loader to show newer kernels.

Additionally, there are plans to update elementary OS for the Pinebook Pro and Raspberry Pi devices. These will, as before, provided as ‘early access‘ builds.

elementary OS 6 is free, open source software available to download from elementary website.

Should you try elementary OS 6 but find yourself at-odds with the default settings, there are ways to access hidden settings in elementary using Pantheon Tweaks. Using this utility you can change things like window button placement, GTK theme, UI font family and sizing, UI animations and more.

You can also access extra dock settings too, should you want to change Plank’s appearance, position, or multi-monitor behaviour.

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