Librem AweSIM Cellular Service

Purism makes privacy-orientated laptops, PCs, USB security keys, and maintains a suite of decentralised social apps — and today they launched a cellular service plan!

The Librem AweSIM is the latest string in the social-purpose company’s bow. It costs $99 a month. For this price buyers get a new sim, a new phone number, and unlimited talk, texts, and data (including over 5G where available) that works with the Librem 5 phone.

Purism’s AweSIM gives customers unlimited talk, texts, and data for $99 a month

And since the cellular account is registered under Purism’s name rather than yours it could provide you with an additional layer of privacy protection from nefarious carrier tactics.

Purism say the plan can be cancelled at any time too, meaning you won’t be locked into a 12 or 24-month contract.

“Librem AweSIM is an awesome way to offer convenience to people who would like to get a Librem 5 that just works out of the box. It also allows for us to fund the change around what mobile virtual network operators should function like” says Purism CEO Todd Weaver.

Purism’s AweSIM service uses a T-Mobile or AT&T backbone and will work with 5G (on 5G capable handsets, where 5G is available). Purism add that phone number selection and phone number porting will be available in the future.

And if you have already bought a Librem 5? Purism says it will let you link the AweSIM to your account.

You can order the Librem AweSIM from today via the Librem Store. You will pay your first month upfront ($99) but the second will only be charged 30 days after your Librem 5 ships (roughly six months from now).

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