Let’s face it: the ability to run Linux on a device IS a major selling point for most us — but for Joe Public?

Well, Microsoft is clearly hoping so.

As spotted by the Hayden Barnes on Twitter, the latest video ad for the company’s recently unsheathed Microsoft Surface Book 3 offers a namecheck to Linux — yes, Linux — real casual, like it’s the kind of marketing draw they throw out in every vid!

Watch the full video spot below to see the mention in motion for yourself. The Linux namecheck (and a terminal-based Ubuntu preparing to run htop) appears at approximately 1:20:

Is Microsoft making noise about a (very popular) developer-orientated feature in a video primarily set to be watched by tech enthusiasts and early adopters a major surprise?


While I’d never say so in earshot of a Dell XPS 13 —hopefully none are listening— Microsoft’s Surface Book line is seen as a solid, performant, and price-worthy rival to other high-end developer devices (like those from Apple, just sayin’).

And the specs to price ratio on the new Surface Book 3 doesn’t buck that trend.

Is being able to ‘run Linux on Windows’ going to sway someone from purchasing an Ubuntu-loaded Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition?

Probably not.

But with the upcoming Windows 10 May update bringing WSL2 to all who want it, and WSL2 itself bringing major performance gains over the first-gen implementation, it’s refreshing (if a touch bizarre) to see Microsoft name dropping Tux so unsubtly anyway.

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