enlightenment 0.24

A new version of the Enlightenment desktop for Linux and BSD has been released.

Users of the EFL-powered desktop shell get to enjoy a number of improvements in Enlightenment 0.24, including a new and improved screenshot tool; external monitor backlight and brightness controls; and better handling of crashes through a new mediator tool.

Also on offer in the E24 release are ‘seamless’ restarts with fade in and out effects; ‘smoother’ startup with I/O prefetch; and better memory handling in low memory conditions which results in lower overall memory usage.

Bluetooth connections are now handled by Bluez5; there’s “easier config of specific desktop wallpaper straight from pager”; and a new core module in the form of a Polkit auth agent is included.

Though the Enlightenment desktop — which is strictly more a collection of modules that resemble a desktop environment — isn’t the most widely used desktop it offers a responsive, featured, and stable user experience.

The Bodhi Linux distro, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, ships with a re-spin of Enlightenment as its default shell, Moksha.

You’ll find source downloads for Enlightenment 0.24 available on the project’s homepage. Distro packages will vary depending on the distro and its update approach.

You can install the Enlightenment desktop on Ubuntu, albeit not the very latest release. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has Enlightenment 0.23 in the universe repo:

Install Enlightenment from Ubuntu Software

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