The Ubuntu 20.04 release ships with a size set of user-visible changes — and in the video above I show you them in action!

Now, fair warning: LTS releases are always a difficult one to cover. The cumulative list of changes from LTS to LTS is huge. But while that list is new to the majority of people, it is old news to those staked out on interim releases.

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So here it is anyway folks. My bi-annual (and, as always, almost belated) attempt at spotlighting the new, nascent, and notable new stuff shipping in the latest release.

In 3 minutes and 25 seconds (precisely) I bring you up to speed on what’s new in Ubuntu 20.04, from speedier new start-up times to some sought-after new settings.

What proved too difficult to “demo” on screen is the finesse of 20.04.

Long-term support releases are, by their nature, designed to be reliable and rock solid. “Shiny” and “showy” new stuff gets saved for regular interim releases. But the focus on stability is hard to visually demonstrate — “wow, all these apps you are showing me are NOT crashing!”.

But know this. Ubuntu 20.04 is the most secure, stable, and scalable version of Ubuntu to date. A truly well-crafted OS that delivers a first-class experience whether you’re a software engineer hopping on the latest technologies or a high school student fed up of blue screens and forced updates.

The Focal Fossa is frickin’ fantastic.

P.S. Big thanks to Joe Ressington for the audio wizardry

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