Open source system cleaner Bleachbit has a new version out.

BleachBit 4.0 bolsters the tool’s cruft-clearing credentials in a number of ways, and finally sees the app make the leap to Python 3 (and thus remain compatible with more versions of Ubuntu that have since dropped Python 2 era packages).

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Feature wise the app adds the ability to clean up Discord files is added, and is now offers fastidious cleaning of Chrome, Firefox, VLC, and the open source podcast client gPodder.

Package management tasks dnf autoremove and apt autoremove are now run automatically (depending on the distro) as part of the cleanup process (in case you forget to do it yourself).

The app also fixes a few issues, including one that affected the pop-up notification shown when cleaning is done, and another affecting the responsiveness of the app window whilst cleaning was in progress.

Download BleachBit 4.0

Bleachbit is free, open source software available for Linux and Windows. To download the latest release head over to the official project website where you will find installers for a variety of systems, including Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Do note that at the time of release a build for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is yet to be added. If you’re particularly impatient you can download the installer for Ubuntu 19.04 or 19.10 and use that to install BleachBit 4.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The app will run without any major issue.

Finally, bear in mind that BleachBit is a powerful tool with an extensive assortment of features. Do not use it idly and only clean areas of your system you feel confident to.

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