Focal Fossa T-shirt

The fabulously fervent folks in the Ubuntu France community have fashioned Ubuntu’s latest mascot animal into a first-rate new t-shirt design.

Not that that particular activity is new; the Ubuntu France team has created custom artwork to ‘showcase’ the past few Ubuntu releases — as you may well know if you follow this site over on Twitter:

Pretty nice, huh?

Since the Ubuntu shop closed down there’s no “official” outlet to get Ubuntu-branded merchandise like t-shirts. This has lead some amateurs to try their hand at producing a few bespoke efforts… to varying degrees of success!

But with a new Ubuntu LTS release looming, and a characterful new animal and adjective combo to colourfully illustrate, the French Ubuntu team has turned out a terrific new t-shirt — one that I think is their best work yet:

The new design will be available to buy in the coming months from the En Vente Libre website. It’ll be available in unisex and women’s fits, both on organic ring-spun cotton, priced from €15 (which will increase to €20 after the Ubuntu 20.04 release).

It would be available to purchase a bit sooner but… Well, you know why it isn’t.

Shop listing for the Ubuntu Focal Fossa T-shirt

On the subject of custom focal artwork, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people have come up with using the Ubuntu 20.04 artwork assets that have been made available. There’s a great thread on the Ubuntu Discourse.

Although my little Ubuntu MATE powered microPC isn’t yet running Focal, I felt it needed a little feline flair to it anyhow…

Thanks Olive

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