A new version of the Arc Menu GNOME extension has been released and it includes a Unity-inspired new feature.

Arc Menu v41 introduces a revamped “Ubuntu Dash” layout that is clearly inspired by the look of the Unity dash.

While the layout is not a 1:1 clone, and much of the Dash functionality (e.g., scopes) that made Unity special has not been re-implemented here, it’s a interesting alternative to stock “Start Menu” style.

It’s a visual approximation that will be close enough for many

Unity isn’t the only new layout shipping in Arc Menu v41, either.

Budgie desktop fans will appreciate the new full-height “Raven” layout, while those who covet the look of Chrome OS can enable the new “Chromebook” layout for an uncanny clone.

Full integration with Dash to Dock GNOME extension (which serves as the base of the Ubuntu Dock extension) also lands with this update. This should mean that the “Arc Menu” menu button will appear in the correct section of the dock (and respect any customisations you make to it).

Ever gone to launch an app only to find yourself wondering what the weather is doing? No, me either, but should anyone do that the addition of (totally optional) widget support in Arc Menu‘s Raven and Dash layouts will appeal.

Weather and world clock widgets

Other changes in Arc Menu v41 include the ability to right-click on application shortcuts to create desktop launchers (you’ll need the Desktop Icons extension installed for this to work, mind), and a selection of new symbolic icons to use as the menu button.

There are also appearance tweaks, bug fixes, and keyboard shortcut improvements.

Get Arc Menu v41

Arc Menu is free, open source software and is available to download from Gitlab, and install from the GNOME Extensions website (EGO).

Arc Menu v41 requires GNOME 3.34 (available in Ubuntu 19.10, but not earlier versions) and will be available to install from EGO in the coming days (note: as of writing it’s pending approval):

Arc Menu GNOME Extension

Running an older version of GNOME Shell? You can install the (also new) Arc Menu v40 release which supports GNOME 3.28 through 3.32. This build features most of the changes mentioned above apart from weather and world clock widget integration.

Like v41, v40 is also pending review on EGO but should be approved shortly.

Thanks Jeff

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