Users of Xubuntu will be able to join the dark side in 20.04, as the Xfce-toting flavour includes a new dark theme.

Current Xubuntu 20.04 daily builds include a freshly created ‘Greybird-dark’ variant that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Greybird’s steely bright aesthetic is swapped for a collection of darker greys. While new colour palette allows the theme to stay true to its name — it’s still grey — the overall effect is more transformative than you might have otherwise thought.

In short, Greybird Dark instantly gives the Xfce desktop a distinctive, classy new look that’s more than a match for dark themes touted in other distros.

Xubuntu Dark Theme

Xubuntu’s usual look is a lot brighter

Greybird’s new dark variant features in the latest update to the Greybird theme on Github. So, if you’re running an earlier build of Xubuntu or a different distro, but you want to try the new version out, be sure to go grab and install the latest stable release.

Not that you need to be using Xfce to enjoy it, mind.

As a GTK theme, Greybird Dark can also be enjoyed by users on other GTK-friendly desktop environments, including GNOME Shell and MATE.

For more details about the Greybird theme and this variant do head on over to the Shimmer Project Github. There you’ll find source code, downloads, and links to further information should you need it.

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