Okay, so this isn’t strictly related to Linux per se — though a tangential link exists because Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux — but the following photo made me laugh when I saw it because…

Well, because I’m easily amused! 😆 

Cakes are a long standing weapon in the browser wars. Whenever a major browser hits a new milestone or makes an important release, oven-baked sponges are rapidly exchanged.

And January’s release of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge for Windows and macOS? Well, it naturally stocked the canon with some fondant-coated congratulations:

Food colourings and creme fillings make a killer combination on their own, but topped with a pithy iced putdown — something Mozilla has clearly mastered based on the the baked bazooka above — it’s saaaavage.

But why am I so tickled by it?

Because it was Microsoft devs started this tradition, back when Internet Explorer was the biggest baker browser in the world. In 2006, to congratulate the Mozilla team on the release of Firefox 2, the IE team sent over a mammoth well-iced masterpiece to marvel at (and consume, quickly).

Mozilla returned the favour during successive IE releases and the so the merry dance continues.

It’s nice to see that sweet-toothed tradition continues to this day, albeit served up with a pinch of sass on the side — bing it on indeed!

H/T Ermine Granger, via reddit

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