The Plasma 5.18 LTS default wallpaper has been revealed, netting the artist behind it a high-power Tuxedo Linux laptop as reward!

Titled ‘Volna’, the new image doesn’t make a radical stylistic departure from previous KDE Plasma backgrounds. Once again we see the 3D layered polygon motif in plat, with gradients, blur and light effects used to add texture and interest.

What is the image of, though? To me Volna resembles a beach scene; a sandy beach with wave crashing in. Your own interpretation may vary of course! 😉

If you like what you see enough to want to use Volna as your desktop background (on any desktop) you can download a 4K version from Postimage.

Here are a few previous Plasma wallpapers for comparison:

To find a suitable background for the upcoming Plasma 5.18 LTS release the KDE community ran a community wallpaper competition with prizes from Germany-based Tuxedo Computers up for grabs.

Nikita Babin’s Volna wallpaper took the top spot but several runners up were also selected, including a terrific one called ‘Milkway’ which, thanks to its ample use of aubergine, wouldn’t look out of place on the Ubuntu desktop!

Alongside the wallpaper contest KDE is also running a video-based one where, once again, a Tuxedo computer is up for grabs. The deadline for entry to the KDE Plasma 5.18 video competition is February 20.

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